YOU CAN GET 20% OFF FULL PRICE BEDDING WITH CODE: AUTUMNSECRET. Complete the set with the matching pillowsham and cushion cover, both available to purchase separately. The bedspread is well structured and has a great fit. The bedspread has a detailed diamond pattern which makes it interesting despite its solid colour. The bedspread is nice, warm and comfortably heavy. This lovely fabric is made from an incredibly fine polyester microfibre material pillows, ensuring luxurious softness and high durability.¬†Add a Comforter to your bed and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Having a clean and well maintained bedspread will help you relax deeper and enjoy a good night’s rest. Bedding needs to be cleaned and washed at regular intervals, so as to stay and keep the family in good health. Whatever bedspread you choose based on your personal needs and taste, it is universally important to follow certain basic and integral care tips, which will help your bedspread, serve you better and much longer.

This bedspread is hypoallergenic and is made to work well with sensitive skin. Apart from the comfortable fabric and dynamic colours, the quilting is appealing and substantial. Though this bedspread is completely machine embroidered, the embroidery work looks rich and well done.

This bedspread is made up of exquisite embroidery of floral motifs with a dandelion in the centre, and trailing vines all around. This high quality, breathable bedspread is warm and weighs well enough to keep you warm throughout the year. There is enough fabric to tuck the pillows in without sacrificing the coverage.

With great colours to choose from, this beautifully bright and quality bedspread is exquisitely embroidered and appealing to the eye. The top and reverse layer of the spread is made from 100 per cent polyester while the filling is 90 per cent cotton and 10 per cent polyester. This imported bedspread has meticulous embroidery all-over and looks superiorly rich.

Mayfair has the distinction of producing versatile, durable and high-quality bedding, and this one’s no different. The patterns on this bedspread are contemporary, yet traditional and the stamped design is crisp and elegant. The bedspread is even, and does not show signs of loose stitching or shoddy workmanship.

Comfortably Bedspread

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