In the mechanism of the modern bridge crane, the spur gear of the spur gear is mainly used.In most cases, all gear drives are made in a reducer type, and only the low speeds in the gear drive can be made open (mainly used in hoisting mechanisms for medium lifting and heavy lifting cranes). Portable Light Duty Small 5 ton Simple Special Gantry Crane For Sale. In this case, the low speed stage is separately separate from the speed reducer and is closed with a thin cover. The use of a reducer allows for a combination of groupings and creates favorable conditions for maximum interchangeability of components.

The working quality of the gearing and the dimensions and weight of the gearbox are largely determined by the distribution of the total gear ratio and the choice of material and main parameters of the gearing. Therefore, in designing the bridge crane reducer, it is necessary to achieve the most reasonable distribution of the total transmission ratio, select the most reasonable combination of gear materials and the corresponding manufacturing process, and select the most reasonable transmission parameters.

The two-stage and three-stage gear reducers used in the bridge crane mechanism are generally made of three-axis or four-axis, that is, made into an unfolded type.

In such a configuration, a sufficiently large total axial center distance can be obtained, thereby allowing the shaft ends of the output shaft and the feed shaft to be placed on the same side. This is particularly important in hoisting mechanisms because in most cases the bridge crane motor and reel are placed on the same side of the reducer.

Modern bridge crane

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