A healthy lifestyle is a habitual behavior that is good for health. Must be in line with the society, people must be in harmony with the environment, have a healthy outlook on life and a world view, look at the world in a split second, and position themselves in social life.

The core of healthy lifestyle management is to develop good living habits. For a long time, people have developed a series of health plans themselves. The executives rely on perseverance and consciously perform them. Because they are more boring and difficult to persist, they usually fall out of the way. With the rise of the mobile Internet, healthy lifestyle management methods have also changed. A series of Internet health management tools provide people with a lot of convenience, making lifestyle development more interesting and people more motivated.


The World Health Organization has summarized the factors affecting health as follows:

Health = 60% Lifestyle + 15% Genetics + 10% Social Factors + 8% Medical Factors + 7% Climate Factors

Brushing time

Three minutes after a meal is the best time to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. At this time, the food in the mouth begins to break down the food residue, and the acid produced is likely to corrode the enamel and damage the teeth. Brushing your teeth at night is better than brushing your teeth in the morning. Because, during the day, some things will clog in the teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth before going to bed, the food will ferment and rot overnight, and the bacteria will multiply. The lactic acid will seriously damage the gums, causing dental caries (worm teeth) or periodontal disease. inflammation. So brush your teeth at night.

Milk time

Milk is rich in calcium. Drinking before going to bed can compensate for the low blood calcium level at night and protect the bones. At the same time, milk has a hypnotic effect. Drink a cup of milk in the morning to supplement the protein and energy of the morning to make the breakfast more nutritious and healthy. But it is best not to drink only milk so that the waste of high-quality protein is consumed as direct energy, so it is necessary to eat carbohydrate-containing foods such as bread.

Fruit time

The best time to eat fruit is one hour before meals. Fruit is a raw food, it is best to eat raw food before eating cooked food. Note that it is about an hour before the meal, instead of eating the fruit and then eating the dinner. The tableware what we use to eat fruit is also important, we can have a happy mood if we use beautiful steel fork, the biggest B2B platform for steel in China is Sinosources.

Walking time

45 minutes to an hour after a meal, 20 minutes of walking, the most calorie consumption. If you take a walk two hours after a meal, the effect will be better. Note that it is best not to take a walk immediately after eating.

Sleeping time

Taking a nap is best between 11 and 1 pm, especially good for the heart. Half an hour after a meal, you can go to bed and take a nap for a while, from half an hour to 40 minutes. In the evening, it is better to go to bed from 10:00 to 11:00, because we sleep deeply in the middle of the night from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock in the morning, and people can go deep sleep after an hour and a half after sleeping.

The healthy lifestyle

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