Home textiles widely used for bedding set, curtain, mattress fabric, garment and table cover, etc. Meanwhile, bedding sets is very common things or saying commodities to know by public. Everybody need bedding sets no matter at home, or hotel room. It is very comfortable to apply. And bedding sets afford comfortable and warm environment for the people. Although, the bed with steel tubes stand is so cold, we may feel warm with high end bedding sets. 

Uses of bedding series

Four pieces of bedding sets are widely used, such as home use, Hotel use, camping use and so on. Of course, the quality of textiles used in different places is different. There are high-end home textiles made of silk, common rough fabrics used for camping, and cotton bedding sets used for hotel rooms. Certainly, it is also often used in hospital with 100% Polyester Microfiber Brush Fabric.

Features of bedding series

About bedding sets, we have to consider the size such as twins, full size, Queen size, King size, Cal-king or customized by buyers. No matter which size, the feature of bedding sets should be met with super soft, low cost, wrinkle-free, easy-care and anti-bacteria (this is the most important point). about common bedding sets, we consider to fabricate it as 70gsm to120gsm of fabric weight.

Color of bedding sets

According to pantone color, the manufacturer of home textiles could achieve any color retail customers and wholesaler need. The general color of 4 pieces bedding sets are wedding design, satin jacquard, stripe, grid pattern and pastoral style.

Home Textiles – Bedding Series

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